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Montebello Housing Development Corporation helps inform, educate and facilitate home ownership for people in our service area communities. We serve low-to-modest-income working families, primarily in Los Angeles County, who qualify for assistance. The majority of our clients hear about MHDC’s services through referrals of previous clients. MHDC provides service events including housing fairs, home rescue fairs, foreclosure workshops, financial literacy classes and outreach to more than 22 municipalities, communities and cities across the greater metropolitan Los Angeles area. We also serve clients in Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside and Ventura counties.

Central to MHDC’s mission is “education, support and assistance.” As a leader in housing, MHDC provides one-on-one counseling services, conducts key informative classes, facilitates do-it-yourself workshops, leads community clean-ups and champions advocacy to empower individuals and working families to realize the American Dream of owning a home.

  CalHome Second Mortgage Loan Program:

The State of California Housing and Community Development Department awarded grants to MHDC that provide silent second mortgage loans to very low-and low-income, first-time homebuyers in Los Angeles County. These loans assist in the purchase of homes in Los Angeles County.  CalHome loans are funded up to $55,000.  Download and complete an intake form for our First Time Homebuyer Program

• Have not had an ownership interest in residential real estate within the preceding three years.

• A minimum down payment equal to 3% of the sales price, which amount shall be contributed from the borrower's personal resources or amount may be gifted.

• Maximum loan amount is up to $55,000

• Buyers must attend a homebuyer education class approved by MHDC.

• Fico score must be a 620 or better. 

CalHome Qualifying Income Limits 80% of Median Income

Household Size

Maximum Income

















                                     Income Limits Above Subject to Change

Montebello Second Mortgage Loan Program:

MHDC provides silent second mortgage loans deferred for five years to first-time homebuyers of low-to-moderate-income means.  These loans are available for the acquisition of homes in the City of Montebello. The loans fill the gap between the purchase price of the home and the buying power of the homebuyer.

Virtual Counseling Network:

MHDC is now a member of the Virtual Counseling Network which allows MHDC counselors to provide HUD certified counseling on-line.  This is a new collaborative program that exist in Southern California providing a variety of online services to clients of MHDC and beyond.  The program is being developed and be available soon.  Stay tuned.

MHDC Property Acquisition Program:

The Property Acquisition Program was developed to address the lack of inventory and competitive nature of the current market our clients are attempting to purchase homes in. In order for Silent Second Programs and the MHDC First Time Homebuyer CalHome Program to work our buyers must be in a market that can provide affordable housing for them. The current market does not provide them with a level playing field because in too many cases investors drive up costs, and inventory has remained low.  Through this program, MHDC acquires or purchases property or single-family homes for development and renovation for sale.  If you are in the market to purchase a home in any of the following areas, please call MHDC. 

  • Riverside County
  • Cobb County
  • Lake County
  • San Bernardino County
  • Los Angeles County

Homebuyer Education Program:

Education is at the core of MHDC’s mission, thus MHDC offers classes to individuals interested in home ownership. All first-time homebuyers are encouraged to attend in order to better understand home ownership and responsibilities, basic finance, and establishing or rebuilding credit — all of which result in wealth creation. MHDC believes a solid education and financial literacy are equally important for home ownership and for home-ownership retention. While classes are mandatory, per HUD requirements, MHDC encourages current homeowners to attend in order to obtain the most current information on home buying opportunities. Classes consist of eight hours of pre-acquisition and two hours of post-acquisition information.  These can be conducted as workshops for groups of any size. Call Juan Rivera at 323-722-3955 or visit our website for a copy of our current class schedule. Download and complete an intake form for our First Time Homebuyer Program

First Time Home Buyer Academy

If you are not ready to purchase a home now and want an alternative to the Homebuyer Education Class you should consider our Academy for First Time Home Buyers.  This Academy takes you through a year long program with monthly workshops that cover various aspects of the home buying process in a small group setting.  If you would be interested in knowing the home buying process, this is an excellent opportunity for you.  Have you always wondered how to determine what you can afford, what a good interest rate is, what's my FICO score, what is considered a "good mortgage", and how does the market determine value?  This and many other concepts are demystified for you in our workshops with one of our counselors, so you can ask questions and get the information you need and into homeownership with confidence.  Register now, call Robert Monzon or Rachel Reyna at 323-722-3955 or email us at

Keep Your Home California

MHDC has certified counselors that can facilitate and provide assistance with the State of California Keep Your Home California KYHC program.  These services are provided free of charge to California residents facing foreclosure.  Download and complete our Foreclosure Counseling Intake Form.

Veterans Housing Development Project

The Board of Directors have lead an effort to provide projects that will serve the housing needs of low and moderate income veterans.  There is a development pipeline of 83 units to be built in the San Gabriel Valley area over the next 18 to 36 months with the first project scheduled to be built in the City of Montebello.  This project will develop four single family residences for sale to veteran families.  If interested in purchasing these homes please contact us for qualification criteria.  For more information about our development activities contact Anne Vilagut, or Rachel Reyna or email us at

Foreclosure Prevention Services:

The Foreclosure Prevention Program helps homeowners who are in danger of losing their homes because of foreclosure. MHDC Housing Counselors provide comprehensive advice and assistance in making appropriate housing choices. These foreclosure prevention services are provided free of charge.  For clients that have been denied modification or seeking additional information regarding foreclosure MHDC offers an Foreclosure Options workshop which provide information about the various options available to home owners facing foreclosure.  Contact Juan Rivera for assistance and more information about our foreclosure prevention programs at 323-722-3955.

FHA Back to Work Program

The Federal Housing Administration’s Back to Work – Extenuating Circumstances mortgage loan program shortens the waiting period to buy a home to as little as one year after having had a bankruptcy, foreclosure, deed in lieu of foreclosure, or short sale. MHDC provides the required counseling that involves assessing debt, evaluating ability to afford a mortgage, discussing features of a mortgage, explaining the loan application process and educating about mortgage insurance.

 Corporate Home Ownership Seminars:

These events aim to meet the growing need for new ways to expand home ownership opportunities to underserved communities. The content focuses on providing information on the many programs available in the surrounding communities we serve. Employers and local officials work with MHDC to facilitate host presentations to their constituents and employees at no cost.

 Legislative Advocacy Program:

Championing housing issues in Sacramento and Washington D.C., MHDC has led with a progressive Housing Advocacy Policy on behalf of the constituency we serve. By building key partnerships with elected leaders at the local, state and national levels and by collaborating with other agencies, MHDC is able to advocate effectively on behalf of clients in our state capital and on the floors of congress. Locally, MHDC has embarked on an important course — hosting legislative briefings (education and advocacy on housing legislation and policy) for local, state and federal elected leaders.  To volunteer or join our advocacy efforts contact President Robert Monzon at 323-722-3955 or 626-524-1962.

 Loan Portfolio Management

The agency has funded over 600 silent second loans on behalf of the City of Montebello and the State of California.  The funds provided by these sources are used for downpayment and closing cost assistance and are offered to families of low and moderate income.  Many of these loans have been paid back to the MHDC and funds are recycled to other families.  The current loan portfolio managed by MHDC is valued at 6.3 Million and has 103 loans to low moderate income buyers.  This has leveraged over $20,000,000 million in loans by lending institutions to low and moderate income families.

 Loan Servicing

Many of the loans provided by MHDC to low and moderate income families are deferred loans which are serviced by MHDC loan department staff and finance department.  These loans require collections and servicing activities as well as monitoring the loans to keep them performing.

 Compliance Monitoring

Because MHDC is a recipient of CalHome and Set Aside Funds monitoring the loans for compliance is critical to the success of our programs.  We conduct annual monitoring activities including loan reviews, compliance letters, and if necessary site visits to insure that funds are used under compliant circumstances and if necessary corrective action is taken to rectify and non-compliant matters.

 Neighbor Helping Neighbor & Community Beautification Program:

MHDC coordinates community neighborhood pride projects with elected leaders, faith communities, and service clubs and youth volunteers to assist community residents with local clean-ups and with minor home repairs. This program also undertakes clean-up campaigns in residential and commercial areas. Past partners include service clubs like the Kiwanis Club, Rotary Club and Rotary Interact Club, as well as Schurr High School Key Clubs.  Contact Esther Sanchez at 323-722-3955 for more information or coordinate your own neighborhood clean up program.

 Housing Development Program

MHDC has experience in new housing development and has built over 17 units of new single family residents in the Montebello area.  Projects have included single family residences, and planned unit developments.  Our experience includes pre-development activities, entitlements, construction and if necessary HOA consulting.  For more information regarding our Acquisitions and Development programs and activities contact Jaime Legaspi Vice President 323-722-3955 or email us at

Homeowner Occupied Rehabilitation:

This is a Loan Program for senior citizens who own and occupy their homes. They are provided with low-interest loans to address quality of life, safety and modernization of their residence.  These low-interest loans are deferred and due upon the transfer of the property title. Up to $20,000 in loans are provided to individuals who meet state-approved low-to-moderate-income guidelines. MHDC also partners with elected leaders, service organizations, faith communities and youth groups to organize local clean-ups related to rehabilitation Contractors are hired to help address structural rehabilitative work.

 Home Rescue and Expo Fairs

MHDC has been a local leader in developing community Rescue and Housing Expo fairs that collaborate with Lenders, Realtors, Government Officials, and local Chambers to provide housing related services to residents.  Our fairs are well attended and provide a service that draws participants.  These events are usually well covered by the media and television stations such as Telemundo and KCET.  When events are aired the night before or morning of an event residents get the information they need to be successful at our events.  They come prepared with the forms they need, or the question that matter to their specific situation whether it be buying a home or saving their existing home from foreclosure.  To volunteer or participate in any of our upcoming events contact Anne Vilagut at 323-722-3955.

For questions on any of these programs please feel free to contact MHDC at (323)722-3955 or email us at
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